Selecting Print Settings - Epson Universal Print Driver - Windows

Select the basic settings for the document or photo you want to print.
Note: The names of settings on the universal print driver screens may vary slightly, depending on the version of the print driver you have installed.
  1. Open a photo or document for printing.
  2. Select the print command in your application.
    Note: You may need to select a print icon on your screen, the Print option in the File menu, or another command. See your application's help utility for details.
  3. If necessary, select EPSON Universal Print Driver as the printer you want to use.
    Note: You may also need to select Properties or Preferences to view your print settings.
    You see the Main tab of your printer settings window:

    Note: For more information about a setting, right-click it and select Help.
  4. For the Paper Source setting, select where you loaded the paper you want to print on.
  5. Select the size of the paper you loaded as the Document Size setting.
    Note: You can also select the User-Defined setting to create a custom paper size.
  6. Select the type of paper you loaded as the Paper Type setting.
    Note: The setting may not exactly match the name of your paper. Check the paper type settings list for details.
  7. Select any of the available print options.
  8. To select a variety of additional layout and printing options for your document or photo, select the More Options tab and select the printing options you want.
  9. To select maintenance and other optional settings, select the Maintenance tab and select the options you want.
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