Shutting Off the Picture Temporarily

You can temporarily turn off the projected picture if you want to redirect your audience's attention during a presentation. Any video action continues to run, however, so you cannot resume projection at the point that you stopped it.
Note: If the picture is off for more than 2 hours, the power automatically turns off. You can disable the Shutter Timer setting in the Extended Menu to turn off this feature.
  1. Press the Shutter button on the projector's control panel or remote control to temporarily stop projection.

  2. To turn the picture back on, press the Shutter button again.
Note: To fade the image in and out when you press the Shutter button, turn on the Fade-out and Fade-in settings in the Extended menu. If you selected Shutter as the Shutter Release setting in the Extended menu, you can still control the projector while the shutter feature is active.
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