Removing a Lens

You can remove a lens to replace it with a different lens.
Warning: Turn off the projector and unplug its power cord before attaching or removing a lens; otherwise you could receive an electric shock.
Remove the lens only when necessary and make sure the front of the projector is not facing up when you remove the lens. This prevents dirt or dust from entering the projector and lowering the projection quality. Avoid touching the lens with your bare hands to prevent fingerprints on or damage to the lens surface.
  1. Center the lens using the Lens Shift button.
  2. Turn off the projector and unplug the power cord.
    Warning: Wait about 30 minutes after turning off the projector before removing the lens. Touching the lens immediately after projecting or turning off the projector may cause burns.
  3. Use your hand to loosen the screw securing the lens cover to the projector.

  4. Press the buttons on the sides of the lens cover and pull the lens cover off the projector.
  5. Hold the lens firmly as you release the lens lock. Pull the black lever up (1), pinch the metal tab against the lever, move it toward the Release position until it stops (2), and then push the black lever in as shown (3).

  6. Remove the lens from the projector.
  7. If you are not attaching a different lens right away, replace the lens cover and lens cover cap to protect the projector.
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