Constant Brightness Usage Hours

If you turn on the Constant Brightness setting, the number of hours the projector can maintain constant brightness is displayed as the Estimated Remains setting.

Display level Estimated remaining hours
10000 or more hours
8000 to 9999 hours
6000 to 7999 hours
4000 to 5999 hours
2000 to 3999 hours
0 to 1999 hours

Light source life span

The estimated life span of the light source varies depending on the Brightness Level setting and whether the Constant Brightness setting is on or off.

Constant Brightness off

Brightness Level setting Hours
100% 20000 hours
90% 36000 hours
80% 41000 hours
70% 43000 hours
60% 46000 hours
50% 57000 hours
40% 75000 hours
30% 103000 hours

Constant Brightness on

1 Brightness level
2 Time the projector can maintain constant brightness (approximate)
Brightness Level setting Hours
85% 7000 hours
80% 15000 hours
70% 25000 hours
60% 35000 hours
50% 47000 hours
40% 66000 hours
30% 95000 hours
Note: The light source usage hours vary depending upon environmental conditions and usage. The hours listed here are an approximate and are not guaranteed. You may need to replace parts in the projector sooner than the estimated light source operation time. If Constant Brightness is turned on, and you have exceeded the usage hours listed here, you may not be able to select a high Brightness Level setting.
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