Date and Time Settings

Settings Options Description
Date & Time Date


Time Difference (UTC)

Adjusts the projector's date and time settings

Date and Time: sets the date and time

Time Difference (UTC): sets the time difference from Coordinated Universal Time

Daylight Saving Time Daylight Saving Time

DST Start


DST Adjustment (min)

Adjusts the daylight saving time settings

Daylight Saving Time: enables or disables daylight saving time

DST Start and DST End: sets the date and time to start or end daylight saving time

DST Adjustment (min): sets the difference between standard and daylight saving time

Internet Time Internet Time

Internet Time Server

Automatically adjusts the time through an Internet connection

Internet Time: turn on this setting to update the date and time automatically through an Internet time server

Internet Time Server: sets the IP address for the Internet time server

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