Projector Reset Options - Reset Menu

You can reset most of the projector settings to their default values using the Reset All Config option on the Reset menu.

You can also reset the saved names and settings in the Save Memory list using the Reset All Memories option.

To reset all settings to the factory default (except for password protected settings), select the Reset All (Factory Default) option. You need to enter a password to reset the settings. The default password is 0000, which you should change to your own password.

You cannot reset the following settings using the Reset All Config option:
  • Input Signal
  • Memory
  • User's Logo
  • Network menu items
  • Language
  • Date & Time
  • Panel Alignment
  • Color Uniformity
  • Lens Calibration
  • Color Calibration
  • Projector Grouping
  • Screen Matching
  • Color Matching
  • Operation Hours
  • Light Source Info
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