Projector Parts - Control Panel

1 On button (turns on the projector)
2 Standby button (turns off the projector)
3 Sync. lights (indicate the selected image source)
4 Sync. buttons (select an image source)
5 Auto button (automatically adjusts computer images)
6 Test Pattern button (displays a test pattern)
7 Lens Shift button (adjusts the image position)
8 Calibration button (starts lens calibration)
9 Zoom button (changes the image size)
10 Focus button (adjusts the image focus)
11 Distortion button (corrects image distortion)
12 Geometry button (adjusts the image shape)
13 Shutter button (turns input signal on or off temporarily)
14 Enter button (selects options)
15 Arrow buttons (move through on-screen options; adjust the focus, zoom, and lens shift)
16 Lock button (displays the Control Panel Lock screen)
17 Light button (lights up the control panel buttons and LCD screen temporarily)
18 Esc button (cancels/exits functions)
19 Arrow buttons (select LCD screen settings)
20 LCD screen (displays projector status information)
21 Menu button (accesses projector menu system)
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