Solutions When Automatic Adjustments are not Applied Correctly

If you have problems with automatic adjustments not being applied correctly, try the following solutions:
  • Be sure to wait at least 30 minutes after turning on the projector or turning off the Shutter setting before performing automatic adjustments. This gives the projector's temperature a chance to stabilize.
  • Check that the protective plate is not installed on the built-in camera and that the camera area is clean.
  • Depending on the lens you installed, automatic adjustments may not be available. If you installed one of these lenses, you cannot use the Screen Matching setting or the Tiling Assist feature in the Epson Projector Professional Tool software: ELPLX02, ELPLX02W, ELPLU02, ELPLU03, ELPLU03S, ELPLU04, ELPLL07, ELPLR04, or ELPLL08. If you installed one of these lenses, you cannot use the Color Calibration setting: ELPLX02, ELPLX02W, ELPLR04, ELPLL07, or ELPLL08.
  • If you are projecting from an analog input source, the changing color and brightness of the image may cause automatic adjustments to not be applied correctly.
  • Make sure that a powerful spotlight or source of strong natural light is not shining into the projection environment and interfering with automatic adjustments.
  • Check that your image correction and image blending settings are within reasonable ranges. If the projection angle is very large, try turning off the Geometry Correction setting or reduce the projection angle. If you are using the Edge Blending setting, make sure the blending width is between 15 to 43%.
  • If you see an error message during automatic adjustments, make a note of the error codes and contact Epson for support.
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