Digital Certificate Warning Messages

If you see a warning message when using a digital certificate, check for solutions in this table.

Message Solution
Enter a Server Certificate. Select a certificate file and click Import.
CA Certificate 1 is not entered. Import CA certificate 1 before importing additional certificates.
Invalid value below. Remove any unsupported characters in the file path and password.
Invalid date and time. Set the date and time on the product using Web Config, EpsonNet Config, or the product control panel.
Invalid password Enter the password that matches the password set for the CA certificate.
Invalid file Try the following:
  • Import only certificate files in X509 format sent by a trusted certificate authority.
  • Make sure the file size is 5KB or less and is not corrupted or fabricated.
  • Make sure the chain in the certificate is valid; check the certificate authority's website.
Cannot use the Server Certificates that include more than three CA certificates. Import certificate files in PKCS#12 format that contains one or two CA certificates, or convert each certificate to PRM format and import them again.
The certificate has expired. Check if the certificate is valid, or check the date and time on your printer. Make sure the product time and date are set correctly and, if the certificate is out of date, obtain and import a new certificate.
Private key is required. Do one of the following to pair a private key with the certificate:
  • For PEM/DER format certificates obtained from a CSR using a computer, specify the private key file.
  • For PKCS#12 format certificates obtained from a CSR using a computer, create a file containing the private key.

If you re-imported a PEM/DER format certificate obtained from a CSR using Web Config, you can only import it once. You must obtain and import a new certificate.

Setup failed. Make sure the computer and product are connected, and the certificate file is not corrupted, then import the certificate file again.