Accessing Web Config

You can access Web Config from your browser using HTTP or HTTPS.

By default, you access Web Config for the first time using HTTP. If you continue to use HTTP, Web Config will not display all available menus.

  1. Print a network status sheet for your product and identify the product IP address. See the product's User's Guide for instructions.
  2. Start your web browser and make sure JavaScript is enabled.
  3. Type the product IP address into the browser as follows, depending on the protocol you are using:
    • IPv4: http://product IP address
    • IPv6: http://[product IP address]/
    The Status page appears:

  4. If you see a warning about the self-signed certificate, ignore the warning and continue to the product IP address. See your browser help for details.
    Note: You can disable the HTTPS requirement, update the self-signed certificate, or import a CA (Certificate Authority) certificate to remove the warning message. See the links below for more information.
To access Web Config after configuring HTTPS, enter https:// before the product IP address, shown in step 3.
Note: If the product name is registered with the DNS server, you can use the product name instead of the product IP address to access Web Config.
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