Basic Settings - Fax

Set the basic options you want to use for incoming and outgoing faxes.

Setting Options Description
Fax Speed Fast(33,600bps) Sets the speed at which you send and receive faxes
ECM On Turns on Error Correction Mode (ECM) to automatically correct errors in sent or received fax data
Off Turns off Error Correction Mode (ECM); color faxes cannot be sent or received
Dial Tone Detection On Automatically dials the number you enter for faxing when the product detects a dial tone
Off Turns off automatic dial tone detection, which may be necessary if the product is connected to a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) or a TA (Terminal Adapter). However, turning this setting off may cause the product to drop the first digit of a fax number.
Line Type PSTN Selects a standard phone line (Public Switched Telephone Network)
PBX Selects Private Branch Exchange, the type of phone line used in office environments where an access code such as 9 must be used to call an outside line
Header Fax Header Select to enter the header information and your phone number for inclusion on outgoing faxes
Your Phone Number
Receive Mode Manual Lets you confirm whether an incoming fax should be printed; a telephone must be connected to the product
Auto Automatically receives and prints faxes
Distinctive Ring All If you are using a Distinctive Ring Service on your phone line, your telephone company can assign two or more phone numbers to the same line and assign different ring patterns to each. If you use this service, select the number of rings for your fax number so your product can receive faxes on the correct number of rings. Select All for phones lines that do not use this service.
Rings to Answer 1 to 9 Sets the number of rings before your product receives a fax. If Receive Mode is set to Auto and an answering machine is connected to the product, make sure this setting is set higher than the number of rings your answering machine is set to answer a call.
Remote Receive Off Lets you start receiving faxes using your phone instead of operating the product (if Receive Mode is set to Auto). When you select On, you must also set a Start Code. If you are using a cordless handset with its base connected to the product, you can start receiving the fax by entering the code using the handset.
Start Code
Rejection Fax Various Lets you automatically reject faxes from blocked numbers, with blank headers, or from unrecognized contacts
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