Cleaning the Print Head Path

If the print quality has not improved after cleaning and aligning the print head and cleaning the paper path, the print head path inside the printer may be smeared with ink.
To clean the print head path, use the following:
  • Several cotton swabs
  • ΒΌ cup (59 ml) water containing 2 to 3 drops of mild dish detergent
  • A small flashlight
Do not use any other liquid to clean the print head path or you may damage your product.
  1. Turn off the product.
  2. Unplug the power cable.
  3. Disconnect any connected cables.
  4. Lift up the scanner unit.

  5. Using the flashlight, check the translucent film shown here for ink smears.
    1 Translucent film
    2 Print head rail
    Do not touch the print head rail or wipe the grease off of it. You may not be able to print.
  6. Moisten a cotton swab with the water and detergent mixture, and squeeze out any excess moisture. Lightly wipe the ink off the translucent film.

    Do not press too hard on the film or you may dislocate the anchor springs and damage your product.
  7. Use a new, dry cotton swab to dry the translucent film.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 as necessary to clean all ink smears.
  9. When the translucent film is dry, close the scanner unit.
  10. Reconnect any disconnected cables, plug in the power cord, and turn on the product.
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