Projector Setup Settings - Extended Menu

Settings on the Extended menu let you customize various projector setup features that control its operation.

Note: Available settings depend on the current input source.
Setting Options Description
Home Screen Home Screen Auto Disp.

Custom Function 1

Custom Function 2

Select various options for the projector's Home screen

Home Screen Auto Disp.: controls whether the Home Screen displays automatically when the projector is turned on

Custom Function 1/Custom Function 2: lets you customize the options displayed on the Home Screen and save your settings as a preset

Display Messages

Display Background

Startup Screen

A/V Mute

Color Uniformity

Selects various display options

Messages: controls whether messages are displayed on the screen

Display Background: selects the screen color or logo to display when no signal is received

Startup Screen: controls whether a special screen appears when the projector starts up

A/V Mute: selects the screen color or logo to display when A/V Mute is turned on

Color Uniformity: adjusts the color tone balance

User's Logo Creates a screen that the projector displays to identify itself and enhance security
Projection Front



Rear Ceiling

Selects the way the projector faces the screen so the image is oriented correctly
Operation See the Operation settings table in this topic
A/V Settings A/V Output

Audio Settings

Selects various audio and video output settings

A/V Output: select to output audio and video to an external monitor when the projector is in standby mode (Standby Mode must be turned on to use this setting)

Audio Settings: selects audio output settings
  • Audio Output: select the audio source to output when projecting images from the Computer ports
  • HDMI1 Audio Output/HDMI2 Audio Output: select the audio source to output when projecting images from the HDMI1 or HDMI2 ports
Multi-Projection Projector ID

Color Mode

Color Uniformity

Edge Blending


Power Consumption

Color Matching

Select various options when projecting from multiple projectors

Projector ID: sets the projector to a particular ID number which allows you to use a remote control to individually control projectors

Color Mode: adjusts the vividness of image colors for various image types and environments; select Multi-Projection for all the projectors

Color Uniformity: adjusts the color tone balance

Edge Blending: corrects a border between multiple images to create a seamless screen

Scale: adjusts and crops the size and position of the image displayed by each projector

Power Consumption: selects the brightness mode of the projector lamp

Color Matching: corrects the difference in tint and brightness for each projected image

Schedule Settings Various scheduling options Lets you schedule various projector tasks
Language Various languages available Selects the language for projector menu and message displays (not changed by Reset option)

Operation settings

Setting Description
Direct Power On Turns on the projector when you plug it in
High Altitude Mode Regulates the projector’s operating temperature at altitudes above 4921 feet (1500 m)
Auto Source Search Automatically select an input source
Auto Power On If Computer1 or HDMI1 is selected, the projector turns on when an input signal is detected from those ports
Startup Source Select the input source you want to display from when the projector is turned on in Content Playback mode
HDMI EQ Setting Change the HDMI reception level of the video source connected to the HDMI port if there is no image or noise in the image
Advanced Batch Setup Range: select to copy the projector menu settings using the batch setup feature
Date & Time Adjusts the projector's time and date settings
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