Splitting the Projected Image with Whiteboard Mode

When projecting from an input source in Annotation mode, you can split the screen and open a whiteboard page to interact with simultaneously.
Note: This feature is not available when the screen is split into halves or quarters or the Scale setting (BrightLink 1485Fi) is enabled.
  1. Turn on the projector and project an image, if necessary.
  2. Select the Whiteboard icon on the left side of the toolbar. You see the whiteboard display on the screen.

  3. To increase either the whiteboard or the projected image, drag the white part of the center divider to the appropriate side.
    Note: To enlarge either side to fit the entire screen, drag the white part of the center divider fully to the desired edge of the screen.
  4. To swap the projected image and whiteboard from left to right, select the at the bottom of the center divider.
You cannot perform the following operations during split screen projection:
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