Using the Projected Screen as a Whiteboard (Built-in Whiteboard Mode)

You can use the interactive pens or your finger to write or draw on the projection surface just as you would on a chalkboard or dry erase board. You can use one pen, both pens at the same time, or a combination of pens and finger touch.
Note: A Touch Unit is optional for the BrightLink 1480Fi and must be installed for finger touch operation.
  1. Press the  Home button on the remote control and select Whiteboard. You see the whiteboard screen, with the toolbar on the bottom of the screen:

  2. To move the toolbar to the right, left, top, or bottom of the screen, use the pen or your finger to drag it to the desired location.
  3. To show or hide the toolbar, select the icon.
    Note: You can also show or hide the projector control toolbar by setting the Interactive > Display Toolbars setting to Always Show or Hide for Set Time.
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