Feature Settings - Operation Menu

Settings on the Operation menu let you customize various projector features that control its operation. The available settings depend on the currently selected input source and other settings.

Setting Options Description
Auto Source Search On


Enables the projector to automatically select an input source
Light Source Brightness Control Maintain Brightness

Maintain Brightness Level

Estimated Remains

Light Source Mode

Brightness Level

Controls the constant brightness of the projector's light source

Maintain Brightness: maintains a constant brightness

Maintain Brightness Level: selects the brightness level to maintain when the Maintain Brightness setting is enabled

Estimated Remains: if the Maintain Brightness setting is enabled, displays the remaining number of hours the projector can maintain constant brightness

Light Source Mode: selects the brightness mode of the projector when the Maintain Brightness setting is disabled
  • Normal: maximum brightness
  • Quiet: 70% brightness with reduced fan noise
  • Extended: 70% brightness and extends the life expectancy of the light source
  • Custom: select a custom brightness level and enable use of the next setting

Brightness Level: select the Custom brightness level you want

Direct Power On On


Controls whether the projector automatically turns on when you plug it in
Auto Power On HDMI1


USB Display


Selects whether to automatically turn on the projector when you connect an input signal to a specific input source

If you select HDMI1, set the method for automatically turning on the projector in the Power On Trigger setting.

Power On Trigger Plug-in Detection

Signal Detection

Sets the way the projector turns on when Auto Power On is set to HDMI1.

Plug-in Detection: automatically turns the projector on when it detects a connected device is turned on

Signal Detection: automatically turns the projector on when an HDMI signal is detected

Note: When Signal Detection is selected, the power used in standby mode increases.
Sleep Mode On


Automatically turns off the projector after an interval of inactivity
Sleep Mode Timer 1 to 30 minutes Sets the time before the projector automatically turns off (Sleep Mode must be turned on)
A/V Mute Timer On


Automatically turns off the projector after 30 minutes of inactivity
Standby Mode Communication On

Communication Off

Enable this setting to allow the following operations to occur when the projector is in standby mode:
  • Monitor and control the projector over a network
  • Output audio and video to an external device (A/V Output must be set to Always On)
Port Wired LAN

Wireless LAN

Selects the port to use while the Standby Mode setting is set to Communication On
Quick Startup 20min.




Sets the time period for which you want to be able to restart the projector within five seconds of turning it off (Quick Start mode).

Make sure to first set A/V Output to While Projecting, Auto Power On to Off, and Power On Trigger to Plug-in Detection. It may take longer than five seconds when projecting from the projector's USB or HDMI Out ports, when using the Screen Mirroring features, if whiteboard sharing was ended in the previous session, or if you want to restore the whiteboard contents from the previous session.

Closed Caption CC1



Enables and selects the type of closed captions to display
Indicators On


Enables or disables the status indicator lights on the projector
Inv Direction Button On


Enable this setting if you want to invert the direction of the arrow buttons on the control panel to match the projector's installation position
Reset Operation Settings Reset all settings on the Operation menu to their default values
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