Pen and Touch Setup Settings - Pen/Touch Menu

Settings on the Pen/Touch menu let you set up the interactive pens and finger touch operations.

Setting Options Description
Auto Calibration

Manual Calibration

Start calibration for the interactive pens
Touch Unit Power

Touch Unit Setup

Touch Unit Adjustment Guide

Touch Calibration

Calibration Range

Select settings for the Touch Unit

Power: turns on the Touch Unit power

Touch Unit Setup: performs angle adjustment for laser diffusion

Touch Unit Adjustment Guide (BrightLink 1485Fi): when using multiple projectors side by side, displays a guide for adjusting the adjacent projector's settings for use with the touch unit (HDMI Out Setting must be set to Process Out)

Touch Calibration: performs calibration for finger touch operations

Calibration Range: if finger touch operations are recognized as drag operations, select Wide to widen the calibration range

Installation of Projectors Infrared Intensity

Sync of Projectors

Select settings for interactive pen and finger touch operations with multiple projectors

Infrared Intensity: if the interactive pens are unstable due to infrared interference, select Strong

Sync of Projectors: if the projectors are connected using the optional remote control cable set, select Wired

Pen Hovering On


Turns the pen hovering feature on and off; when set to On, the pointer follows the pen tip as you hover it over the screen and move it around
PC Interactivity Pen Tracking Mode

Press and Hold

Pen Tip Behavior


Auto Adjust Pen Area

Manual Adj. Pen Area

Select pen operation and adjustment options

Pen Tracking Mode: sets the correct operating system for the interactive pen features. For Windows or Mac, select Pen Mode. For Ubuntu, select Mouse Mode.

Press and Hold: when set to Right Click, lets you use a long pen press or finger press as a right-click operation

Pen Tip Behavior: assigns either Right Click or Left Click to the pen tip

USB-B2: sets the HDMI port used for the computer connected to the USB-B2 when using interactive features with the computer

Auto Adjust Pen Area: automatically adjusts the pen area as the resolution for the connected computer image changes

Manual Adj. Pen Area: lets you adjust the pen area manually (only displayed when PC Interactivity is enabled)

Reset Pen/Touch Settings Resets all settings on the Pen/Touch menu to their default values
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