Input Signal Settings - Signal I/O Menu

Normally the projector detects and optimizes the input signal settings automatically. If you need to customize the settings, you can use the Signal I/O menu. The available settings depend on the currently selected input source.

To change settings for an input source, make sure the source is connected and select that source.

Setting Options Description
Volume Varying levels available Adjusts the volume of the projector's speaker system or external speakers
Source Signal Format

Mic Input Level



HDMI Out Intensity

Reset to Defaults

Signal Format: sets the signal type and video range for certain input sources
  • Video Signal: specifies the signal type from video port input sources; if there is interference or no image when set to Auto, select the appropriate signal type
  • Video Range: sets the video range to match the setting of an HDMI or HDBaseT (BrightLink 1485Fi) input source

Mic Input Level: adjusts the microphone volume when audio is not output to an a/v system; when this setting is turned up, the other connected device's volume is turned down, and vice versa

Overscan: changes the projected image ratio to make the edges visible by a set percentage or automatically when projecting a component signal

EDID: describes the display capabilities of your projector when the selected input source is HDMI or HDBaseT (BrightLink 1485Fi); change this setting as necessary according to the current input source's resolution; you can adjust settings for individual input sources without changing the input source

HDMI Out Intensity: adjusts the HDMI Out port's signal intensity input; change this setting when the image is not correctly displayed from the HDMI Out port

Reset to Defaults: resets all settings for the current input source

A/V Output While Projecting

Always On

Determines when the projector outputs audio and images to external devices; set to Always On to output audio and images when the projector is not projecting any images
Inverse Audio On


Set to On to invert the audio's left and right channels to match the projector's installation position
Audio Output Auto




Sets the audio input port when projecting from input sources other than HDMI, HDBaseT (BrightLink 1485Fi), LAN, and Screen Mirroring
HDMI Audio Output HDMI1



Sets the audio input port when projecting from one of the HDMI ports
Monitor Out Port Monitor Out


Selects the function of the Computer2/Monitor Out port

Monitor Out: select this option when outputting an image signal to an external monitor

Computer2: select this option when inputting an image signal from a computer

USB Display On


Set to On to enable the USB Display feature for a computer connected to the USB-B1 port
HDMI Link Device Connections


Audio Out Device

Power On Link

Power Off Link

Adjusts the HDMI Link options that allow the projector or remote to control HDMI-connected devices that support the CEC standard

Device Connections: lists the devices connected to the HDMI1, HDMI2, and HDMI3 ports

HDMI Link: enables or disables the HDMI Link feature

Audio Out Device: selects whether to output audio from the internal speakers or a connected audio/visual system

Power On Link: controls what happens when you turn on the projector or a linked device
  • Bidirectional: automatically turns on the connected device when you turn on the projector, and vice versa
  • Device -> PJ: automatically turns on the projector when you turn on the connected device
  • PJ -> Device: automatically turns on the connected device when you turn on the projector

Power Off Link: controls whether linked devices are turned off when the projector is turned off

HDMI EQ Setting 1



HDMI EQ Setting: adjusts the HDMI input signal level depending on the devices connected to the HDMI port; change the setting if there is a lot of interference in the image or if a problem, such as no projected image, occurs (if no images are displayed using a thumb-sized media streaming device, select 1)
Reset Signal I/O Settings Resets all settings on the Signal I/O menu to their default values
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