Save Settings

You can change the settings for how scanned images are saved.

PDF Options

Setting Options Description
General Generate PDF/A File Creates a PDF that conforms to PDF/A-1 standards
Create file with all pages Saves all pages as one file
Compression Level Selects the compression level for color or grayscale images
Security Open File Password Set a password to open the file
Protect Property Settings Sets a password to protect file properties and allows for restrictions on file editing and printing

JPEG Options

Setting Options Description
Image Quality Options Sets a compression level by moving a slider or entering a value. File size increases when high resolution is selected.
Encoding (Windows only) Standard Images load from top to bottom in a web browser. It takes longer to load the entire image.
Progressive Images first load completely at low resolution and then adjust to high resolution in a web browser
Embed ICC Profile (Windows only) Allows you to add ICC profiles to the image

TIFF Options

Setting Options Description
Byte Order Windows


Specifies the operating system where the scanned image will be used
Compression (Windows only) Specifies the compression format and level for Color/Grayscale and B&W images. File size increases with higher quality.
Embed ICC Profile (Windows only) Allows you to add ICC profiles to the image