Projector Information Display - Info Menu

You can display information about the projector and input sources by viewing the Info menu. However, you cannot change any settings in the menu.

Select Version to display the projector's firmware version. Select Light Source Info to display the projector's light source information. Select Projector Info to display the settings described below.

Information item Description
Operation Hours Displays the number of hours (H) the projector has been used since it was turned on
Source Displays the name of the port to which the current input source is connected
Input Signal Displays the input signal setting of the current input source
Resolution Displays the resolution of the current input source
Scan Mode Displays the scan mode
Refresh Rate Displays the refresh rate of the current input source
3D Format Displays the 3D format of the input signal during 3D projection
Sync Info Displays image signal information that may be needed by a service technician
Color Depth Displays the color depth and color difference
Color Format Displays information on the Color Space and Dynamic Range
Status Displays information about projector problems that may be needed by a service technician
Serial Number Displays the projector's serial number
Event ID Displays the Event ID number corresponding to a specific projector problem; see the list of Event ID codes
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