Creating Custom Paper Configurations

You can create and store up to 10 custom paper configurations for use if printing on non-Epson paper or paper that is not supported by the Epson printer driver.
  1. Load the type of paper that you want to configure in the printer.
  2. Press the  home button, if necessary.
  3. Select Settings > General Settings > Printer Settings > Custom Paper Setting.
  4. Select a number for the custom paper configuration.
  5. Select Change Name and enter a name.
  6. Select OK when you are done.
  7. Select Change Reference Paper.
  8. Select a paper type that is similar to the paper that you want to use.
  9. Select Advanced Media Setting.
  10. Select any additional settings as necessary.
  11. When you finish changing the custom paper configuration settings, press the left arrow button to return to exit the menu.