Loading Single Cut Sheets

You can print on a variety of cut sheet paper types and sizes up to 24 inches (61 cm) wide and 0.1 inch (0.27 mm) thick. You can load and print on one sheet at a time.

Before printing on cut sheets, remove any loaded roll paper, close the auto sheet feeder, and remove the output tray.

  1. Make sure Load paper is displayed on the home screen.
  2. Select Paper Setting > Cut Sheet (1 sheet) on the LCD screen
  3. Open the cut sheet cover.

  4. Load one sheet of paper, printable side up in portrait orientation. Align the right edge of the paper with the right edge guide on the printer and the left mark line for the paper size you are using.

  5. Insert the paper into the paper feeder until you hear a beep.

    Note: Make sure the leading edge of the paper is straight to prevent a skew error or paper jam.
  6. Select the paper type and size you loaded on the LCD screen.
    Note: If you installed the optional stand and paper basket, make sure the paper basket is open to catch the printout.
To remove a loaded cut sheet without printing, select Paper Setting > Cut Sheet (1 sheet) > Remove. The paper is ejected.
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