Cutting Media

When you finish printing, use a commercially available cutter to cut the media.
Warning: Be careful not to cut yourself when using cutters or other sharp blades. Also be careful touching areas near the after heater since the after heater may be hot and you could be burned.
  1. Press  media setup button.
  2. Press the OK button to select Feed to Cut Position.
  3. Make sure the trailing edge of the printout has fed beyond the cutter groove on the product, then open the front cover.

    Note: If you printed the amount of media remaining onto your media, press the up arrow button to rewind the media as necessary to keep this information with the unprinted roll.
  4. If you are using the auto take-up reel, move the Auto switch to the off position. Use the Manual switch to take up the cut media, depending on the printable side of the media:
    • Move the switch to the position for printable-side-out media.
    • Move the switch to the position for printable-side-in media.

  5. Use your cutting tool to cut the media along the cutter groove.