Media Setup Menu Settings

Settings on the Media Setup menu let you customize various adjustments for up to 30 different media types.
Follow the instructions in the topic links below the table to use these menu settings correctly.
Setting Options Description
Feed to Cut Position Sends the end of the print to the cutting groove.
Easy Media Setup 1 to 30 Store new media settings.
Screen Display Media Remaining Displays the length of the remaining roll media in increments of 3.9 inches (0.1 m).
Print Length Displays the length per printed job in increments of 39.4 inches (1 m).
Media Remaining Print Remaining Length Prints the amount of media remaining on the current roll.
Length Enter the total roll length, from 3 to 1969 ft (1.0 to 600.0 m).
Remaining Alert Enter the length at which the printer will alert you to the amount of media remaining, from 4 to 50 ft (1 to 15 m).
Reset Print Length Manual Reset Resets the print length value to 0 when you press the OK button.
Auto Reset Select Per Job to reset the print length value to 0 for every new job.

If you select Off, you must manually reset the value.

Customize Settings Current Settings Selects the current media setting to customize (see the next table).
1 to 30 Selects a stored media setting to customize (see the next table).
Select Media 1 to 30 Selects a stored media setting to use for printing.

Customize Settings options

Setting Options Description
Setting Name Enter a name up to 22 characters long for the group of media settings.
Media Type Thinnest Select for media 16 lb (60 g/m2) or less.
Thin Select for media 17 to 22 lb (61 to 80 g/m2).
Thick Select for media 23 to 32 lb (81 to 120 g/m2).
Thickest Select for media 33 lb (121 g/m2) or more.
Adhesive Select when using any weight of adhesive media.
Media Adjust Auto Feed Adjustment Select Print to perform an automatic feed adjustment.
Manual Select Feed Adjustment and select a pattern type (Standard, 100mm Pattern, 250mm Pattern, or 500mm Pattern).

Select Head Alignment to adjust only the head alignment.

Advanced Settings See the next table.
Restore Settings Select Yes to return all settings for the selected media to their default values.

Advanced Settings options

Setting Options Description
Platen Gap 1.6 Select if print quality is unsatisfactory.
2.0 Select for most media; default setting.
2.5 Select only if printouts are scratched or smudged. Choosing a larger gap than necessary can cause ink stains inside the product, reduce print quality, or shorten product life.
Heating & Drying Heater Temperature Set from 86 to 131 °F (30 to 55 °C); defaults to 122 °F (50 °C).
Drying Time Per Pass Set from 0 to 10 seconds. You can maintain a constant drying time by basing it on the media width.
Blank Area Feed Speeds up feeding of blank areas. Select Quick, Standard, Slow, or Slowest.
After Heater Feed Select an option to feed the end of the printout to the after heater after printing (if the media will be cut before the next job starts).

Select Short, No Rewind or Long, No Rewind to start the next print job immediately after cutting the media.

Select Short, Rewind or Long, Rewind to automatically rewind the media before printing the next job. This setting is suitable for continuous printing.

If you cut the media manually without rewinding it, the next print job will not be performed correctly.

Note: The Short option feeds the media to the top third of the heater. The Long option feeds the media to 2 inches (50 mm) below the bottom of the heater.
Feeding Tension Lv1 to Lv8 Increase the value if creases appear in media during printing.
Take-up Tension Auto Select for most media.
Manual Select a value from Lv1 to Lv9. Decrease the value if creases appear in media during printing or ink adheres to the back of the take-up roll. Increase the value if thick media cannot be wound correctly.
Media Suction Lv0 to Lv10 Select a value to increase the gap between the print head and thin or flexible media. If print quality is reduced or media does not feed correctly, you may need to lower the value.
Head Movement Data Width Select to move the print heads within the range of the print data's width.
Printer Full Width Select to move the print heads within the range of the printer's maximum media width.
Media Width Select to move the print heads within the range of the width of the loaded media.
Multi-Strike Printing Off Disable the feature.
2 to 8 Select the number of times each line is printed.
Feed Speed Limiter On Select if thin media wrinkles or tears easily (print speed decreases).
Off Select for normal printing.
Pressure Roller Load Low Select if there is wrinkling around the pressure rollers or stains on the roller to reduce pressure on the rollers.
Medium Select for normal printing.
High Select if using media with a slippery coating to increase pressure on the rollers.
Remove Skew On Select to perform skew correction for loaded media.
Off Select if media shows traces from the rollers.
Periodic CL Cycle Auto Select to let the product determine when to perform a head cleaning based on the selected media setting.
Manual Select to set the interval for head cleaning. You can choose from Printing Time or Media Usage.
Prevent Sticking On Select only if the media sticks to the platen when the printer is turned on or when printing starts.
Off Select for normal printing.
Reduce Print Streak Off Select for most print jobs.
Light If streaks appear in a printout, select one of the options to make streaks less evident.
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