Maintenance Precautions

Follow these precautions as you maintain your product:
  • Remove loaded media from the product before performing any maintenance tasks.
  • Touch a metal object to discharge any static electricity before performing any maintenance tasks.
  • Never touch the belts, cables, circuit boards, or other parts not covered in the maintenance task steps or you could adversely affect the print quality or damage your product.
  • Use only the cleaning sticks included in the product maintenance kit to clean your product to avoid damaging the print head.
  • Do not reuse cleaning sticks.
  • Do not touch the ends of the cleaning sticks to prevent oil from your hands from damaging the print head.
  • Do not use alcohol or water to clean the nozzle surface, caps, or wiper or you may damage your product.
  • Store ink packs, secondary carriage rod grease, and waste ink out of the reach of children.
  • Wear protective eyewear, gloves, and a mask when performing maintenance tasks.
  • Wash your hands after performing maintenance.
  • Gargle with water after replacing the waste ink bottle or using the ink cleaner.
Warning: If ink, waste ink, ink cleaner, or grease contacts your skin, or gets into your eyes or mouth, immediately do the following:
  • Thoroughly wash the substance from your skin with soapy water. If your skin becomes irritated or discolored, contact a doctor.
  • Immediately rinse the substance from your eyes with water to avoid bloodshot eyes or mild inflammation. If you experience eye problems, contact a doctor.
  • If a substance gets in your mouth, contact a doctor immediately.
  • If you swallow a substance, do not induce vomiting and contact a doctor immediately. Inducing vomiting may cause material to get in your windpipe and cause injury.
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