Replacing the Waste Ink Bottle

When you see a message telling you to prepare an empty waste ink bottle on the LCD screen, the waste ink bottle is nearly full. Make sure you have a new waste ink bottle handy.
When you see a message telling you to replace the waste ink bottle, the waste ink bottle is full and needs to be replaced.
Note: You can also replace the waste ink bottle at any time by selecting Replace Ink Bottle from the Maintenance menu.
Replacing the waste ink bottle during printing or cleaning could cause waste ink to leak. When replacing the waste ink bottle, always wear the gloves included in the maintenance kit. Leave the waste ink in the bottle for disposal and do not transfer it to another container. Dispose of the waste ink bottle according to the used parts disposal guidelines; see the link below.
  1. Lift up the waste ink bottle and remove it from the holder.

  2. Tightly seal the used waste ink tank bottle.
  3. Insert the waste ink tube into the new waste ink bottle and place the bottle in the holder.
    Note: Be sure the waste ink tube is inserted in the waste ink bottle or waste ink could spill onto your product. Store the cap from the new waste ink bottle for later use.
  4. Press the OK button on the product control panel.
  5. Press the OK button again to reset the waste ink counter.
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