Loading Media

Before loading media in your printer, review and follow the media handling guidelines for the best results. To remove media, follow the steps in this section in reverse.
Wait until just before printing to load media. This avoids creases in the media that may be caused by the pressure rollers. Creased, wavy, or curled media could cause it to jam inside the printer or contact the print head.
  1. Press the  power button and wait until you see this message on the LCD screen: Load media.
  2. Open the front cover and raise the media loading lever.

  3. Grasp the tabs on the media edge plates and slide them out of the way.

  4. On the back of the product, loosen the knob for the right roll holder and slide out the roll holder wider than your media width.

    Note: If the right roll holder handle shaft is not visible, rotate the handle counterclockwise until it stops or the media cannot load properly.

  5. Slide the left roll holder to the core size for the media you are loading.

  6. Fully tighten the knob on the left roll holder.

  7. Place your media on the roll supports.

    Note: Load the roll based on the printable side of your media.

    Printable side out

    Printable side in

  8. On the left side of the product, raise the lift lever to lift the media into position.

  9. Firmly insert the roll media onto the left roll holder, then lower the lift lever.

    Note: If the outer diameter of the roll media is less than 5.5 inches (140 mm), you need to manually lift the roll media onto the roll holder.
  10. On the right side of the product, raise the lift lever to lift the media into position.

  11. Push the right roll holder into the roll media, then lower the lift lever.

  12. Push the center of the roll holder twice to securely insert it into the roll core.

    Note: Make sure the roll holder is fully inserted into the roll core or media may not feed correctly and slip during printing, or cause banding in your printouts.
  13. Fully tighten the knob on the roll holder.

  14. Rotate the roll holder handle clockwise until part A shown here is hidden from view, then stop turning the handle.

  15. Insert your media approximately 12 inches (30 cm) into the opening shown here and lower the media loading lever.

  16. At the front of the printer, hold the media in the center and raise the media loading lever.

  17. Pull the media straight out until it is aligned with the bottom edge of the label on the after heater.

    Note: Do not use two hands to pull the media to avoid skewing its position.

  18. At the back of the printer, lower the media loading lever to hold the media in place.

  19. Lightly tap both ends of the media and check if there is a difference in tension between the left and right sides. If there is a difference in tension, raise the media loading lever, adjust the looseness of the media, and lower the media loading lever.

  20. Slide the media edge plates against the media and adjust them so that the round holes shown here are centered over the edges of the media.

    If your media is more than 0.02 inch (0.4 mm) thick, leave the media edge plates on the sides of the product or they could damage the print head.
    Note: Make sure to correctly position the media edge plates as shown here or your printouts may contain banding, uneven tint, or stripes. Do not use the media edge plates if the sides of your printouts are smudged or torn.
  21. Close the front cover.

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