Media Setup Menu Settings

Settings on the Media Setup menu let you customize various adjustments for media types. You can access the menu directly by pressing the  media setup button.
Follow the instructions in the topic links below the tables to use these menu settings correctly.
Setting Options Description
Feed To Cut Position Sends the end of your printout to the cutting groove.
Easy Media Setup Set and save a variety of settings quickly and easily based on the loaded media type.
Media Remaining Print Remaining Length Prints the amount of media remaining on the current roll.
Length Enter the total roll length, from 3 to 328 ft (1 to 100 m).
Remaining Alert Enter the length at which the printer will alert you, from 4 to 50 ft (1 to 15 m).
Customize Settings Current Settings Changes settings for the currently selected media; see the next table.
1 to 30 Changes settings for a saved media set; see the next table.
Select Media 1 to 30 Select a set of saved media settings to use for printing.

Customize Settings options

Setting Options Description
Setting Name Enter a name up to 22 characters for the saved media settings.
Media Type Adhesive Vinyl Select the media type you loaded.
Media Adjust Auto Performs media feed and head alignment adjustments. Use this setting only after trying the following to correct printout issues first:
  • Select Auto for the Media Adjust setting during Easy Media Setup
  • Adjust the Advanced Settings

Auto is not displayed when Film, Canvas, Textile, or Paper/Others is selected as the Media Type setting.

Advanced Settings See the next table.
Restore Settings Yes Returns all settings for the selected custom paper to their default values.

Advanced Settings options

Setting Option Description
Platen Gap 1.6 Adjusts the gap between the media and the print head. Select 1.6 (default) for most media. Select 2.0 if your printouts are scratched or smudged. Select 2.5 if printouts are still scratched or smudged after selecting 2.0.
Choosing a larger Platen Gap setting than necessary can cause ink stains inside the printer, reduce print quality, or shorten product life.
Heating & Drying Heater Temperature Adjusts the temperature for the pre-heater, platen heater, and after heater.
Drying Time Per Pass Adjusts the time the print head pauses after each pass. Increase the drying time if the your printouts are blurry.
After Heater Feed Feeds media to the after heater after printing. Select Mode 1 if you plan to cut the media before the next job starts; the portion fed for drying will not be rewound before the next job starts. Select Mode 2 if you plan to print multiple jobs consecutively; the portion fed for drying will be rewound before the next jobs starts.

When cutting media using Mode 2, press and hold the up arrow button to rewind the end of your printout to the cutter grove before cutting.

Additional Dryer Enable or disable the print drying system if it is installed.
Media Tension Lv1 Increase the media tension if creases appear in your printouts.
Media Suction 1 to 10 Reduce the media suction if you are using thin or soft media and it feeds incorrectly, or your printouts are grainy or out of focus.
Head Movement Data Width Sets the range of print head movement. Select Data Width to increase the print speed by restricting movement to the printed area. Select Printer Full Width if you want more even print results.
Printer Full Width
Multi Strike Printing Off Select the number of times each line is printed. You may need to increase this setting when performing high-density printing using backlight films.
1 to 8
Feed Speed Limiter On Select Off for most situations to maintain print speeds. Select On if you are using thin media and it sticks, wrinkles, or tears easily during printing.
Pressure Roller Load Low Select High for most situations. Select Medium or Low if you notice wrinkling around the pressure rollers, stains from the print head striking the media, or stains from the roller sticking to the media.
Remove Skew On Lets you enable paper skew reduction. Select On for most situations. Select Off if your media shows traces from the rollers due to skew correction.
Take-Up Standard Select Standard for most situations. Select Strength tension if the media cannot be taken up correctly because of problems such as waving or static. If the problem persists, use a low static media.
Strength tension
Periodic CL Cycle Auto Select Auto to have the printer automatically perform head cleaning based on your selected media settings. Select Manual if you want to perform head cleaning based on a set length or number of pages printed.
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