Loading Thin Paper (DS-32000)

You can load thin originals with the scanner in Delicate Mode. Some items may require a carrier sheet. Make sure the original meets the document specifications before loading it.
  1. Place the scanner in Delicate Mode.
  2. Set the feed selector lever to .
  3. Open the input tray and pull up its extension.
  4. Pull out the output tray and its extension to the length of the original, and open the stopper if necessary.

  5. Slide the input tray edge guides all the way out.

  6. If you are loading a multi-page original, fan your stack of originals.
    Note: If you are loading an original that is 15.5 inches (393.8 mm) or longer, load only one sheet at a time.

  7. Stack the originals with the printed side facing down and slide the stack so the leading edge is at an angle as shown.

  8. Load the originals into the input tray printed side down and top edge first, and guide them in until they meet resistance.

  9. Slide the edge guides against the edges of the original or carrier sheet.

  10. If necessary during scanning, adjust the position of the stopper on the output tray extension to fit the ejected originals.
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