Creating Custom Paper Settings

You can create and store up to 30 custom paper settings for use in printing on non-Epson paper or paper that is not supported by the Epson printer driver.
  1. Load the type of paper that you want to configure in the printer.
  2. Select Menu > General Settings > Printer Settings > Custom Paper Setting.
  3. Select a number for the custom paper setting.
    Note: You cannot change paper setting information registered using the printer driver or other software using the LCD screen.
  4. Select Change Reference Paper.
  5. Select a paper preset that is similar to the paper that you loaded following these guidelines:
    • Photo paper: Baryta
    • Glossy paper: Photo Paper or Proofing Paper
    • Thick, non-glossy paper: Matte Paper
    • Thin, soft, non-glossy paper: Plain Paper
    • Cotton paper with a rough surface: Fine Art Paper
    • Special media such as film, cloth, poster board, or tracing paper: Others
  6. Select Advanced Paper Settings and enter a value for the following settings:
    • Paper Thickness
    • Roll Core Diameter (roll paper only)
    • Paper Feed Offset (leave at 0 unless you see horizontal banding)
  7. Select any additional settings in the Advanced Paper Settings menu, as necessary.
After you create a new custom paper setting, it will appear in the list of available paper types.
Note: You can also use Epson Media Installer to create custom paper settings.