Copying Options

Select the copying options you want to use for your copies.

Note: Not all options or settings may be available, depending on other copying settings.

Basic Settings

Copying option Available settings Description
B&W Copies the document in black and white
Color Copies the document in color
Density Varying levels Adjusts the lightness or darkness of copies
Paper Setting Various sources Select the paper source that you want to use. If you select Auto, paper is fed automatically depending on the paper settings you selected for the paper sources.
Reduce/Enlarge Auto Automatically sizes the image to fit the paper size you selected
100% Copies the original at its full size
50%->200% and other conversions Automatically converts from one size to another
Reduce to Fit Paper Automatically decreases the size of the image by the percentage you select
Original Type Text Specifies the document type of your originals and adjusts the quality of your copies
Text & Image
Text & Image(Best)
2-Sided 1>1-Sided Select to make 2-sided copies. When you select 2>2 Sided, 1>2-Sided, or 2>1-Sided, you can scroll down to select the orientation and binding edge for your originals or copies.

Advanced settings

Copying option Available settings Description
Multi-Page Single Page Copies each page of the original onto an individual sheet
2-up Copies multiple page documents onto one sheet. Scroll down and select the document orientation and layout order settings as necessary.
Original Size Auto Detect Automatically detects the size of your original
Various sizes Select the document size of your original
Finishing Group (Same Pages) Select to print multiple copies of a multi-page document in unordered groups

Collate (Page Order) Select to print multiple copies of a multi-page document in ordered sets

Mixed Size Originals Off Select On to copy originals of varying sizes in their original sizes
Orientation (Original) Readable Direction Specifies the orientation of your originals
Left Direction
Book>2Pages Off Select On to copy two pages of a book onto separate sheets of paper and select the scanning order
Image Quality Various settings Select advanced quality settings such as Saturation and Sharpness
Binding Margin Off Select On to adjust the margin, binding position, and orientation of the pages when copying a book
Reduce to Fit Paper Off Select On to automatically decrease the image by the percentage you select
Remove Shadow Off Select On to erase the shadows that appear in the center of a document when copying a book or that appear around a document when copying thick paper
Remove Punch Holes Off Select On to erase the binding holes on a document
ID Card Copy Off Select On to copy both sides of an ID card onto one side of a sheet of paper
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