Selecting Additional Print Options - Windows

You can select a variety of additional printing options for your document or photo on the More Options tab.

  1. To control handling of print jobs in the product's memory, select one of the Job Type options:
    • Select Normal Print to print jobs without storing them.
    • Select Confidential Job to add a password to a print job.
      Note: Confidential jobs are stored in the product's memory without being printed. To print the job, enter the password for the confidential job on the product's control panel. Confidential print jobs are cleared from the product's memory after printing. If the product is turned off or restarted before the confidential job is printed, the job is cleared from the product's memory.
  2. Select one of the following Color Correction options:
    • Select Automatic to automatically adjust the sharpness, brightness, contrast, and color saturation for your image.
    • Select Custom and click the Advanced button to manually adjust the color correction settings or turn off color management in your printer software.
    • Select Image Options to access additional settings for improving printed images.
  3. To add the following features, click the Watermark Features button:
    • Anti-Copy Pattern: adds a watermark that only appears when your printout is copied
    • Watermark: adds a visible watermark to your printout
    • Header/Footer: adds information such as the date and time to the top or bottom of your printout
      Note: Click the Settings button to customize the text and location of the header or footer.
  4. Select any of the additional settings as necessary.
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