Scanning Error Messages

If you see an error message when scanning images to a shared folder, check for solutions in this table.

Message Solution
DNS error. Check DNS settings. Try the following:
  • Make sure the address in the contacts list on the printer and the address of the shared folder are the same.
  • If the computer's IP address is static or set manually, change the computer name in the network path to the IP address. For example, change \\EPSON02\SCAN to \\\SCAN.
  • Make sure your computer is turned on and not running in a power-saving mode, such as sleep or standby. If your computer is in sleep mode, you cannot save scanned images to the shared folder.
  • Temporarily disable your computer's firewall and security software. If this clears the error, check the settings in the security software.
  • You cannot save scanned images to a shared folder when using a public network.
  • If the IP address changes when reconnecting using DHCP on a laptop, obtain the IP address again.
  • Check the DNS on your product and on the server, computer, or router.
  • Make sure the computer name and IP address are correct.
Authentication error. Check the authentication method, authenticated account, and authenticated password Try the following:
  • If user restrictions have been enabled, make sure you enter in the correct user name and password. Also, make sure that the password has not expired.
  • Check the Location settings.
Communication error. Check the Wi-Fi/network connection. Try the following:
  • Make sure MS Network is enabled.
  • Make sure the address in the contacts list on the printer and the address of the shared folder are the same.
  • Access rights for the user in the contacts list should be added to the Sharing and Security tabs of the shared folder's properties. Access permissions should also be enabled for the user.
  • Check the Location settings.
  • Print a network connection report to check if the printer is connected to the network.
The file name is already in use. Rename the file and scan again. Check if there is a file with the same name as the file you want to save in the shared folder. Delete the saved file or select a different file name.
Scanned file(s) are too large. Only XX page(s) have been sent. Check if the destination has enough space. Try the following:
  • Increase the storage space in the specified folder.
  • Reduce the number of documents.
  • Lower the scanning resolution or increase the compression ratio to reduce the size of the scanned image.
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