Control Panel Scanning Options

Select the options you want to use for scanning.
Note: Not all options or settings may be available, depending on the Scan to option selected.
Scan Settings Available options Description
Color Mode B&W Select to scan images in black and white
Color Select to scan images in color
File Format JPEG Select for photos. You can also select the Compression Ratio.
PDF (Single Page) Select for documents. You can also select the Compression Ratio and PDF Settings.
PDF (Multi Page)
PDF/A (Single Page)
PDF/A (Multi Page)
TIFF (Single Page) Select for scanned files that you can print from a device. Multi Page TIFF documents are scanned in black and white.
TIFF (Multi Page)
Resolution 200dpi Select for documents
300dpi Select for photos
600dpi Select for highest quality printing
2-Sided 1-Sided Lets you scan 2-sided originals placed in the ADF. If you select 2-Sided, you can also select the Orientation (Original) and the Binding (Original).
Scan Area Auto Detect Select to automatically adjust the scan area
Various sizes Select the page size for documents
Max Area Select for most photos
Original Type Text Specify the type of original you are scanning
Text & Image
Orientation (Original) Readable Direction Select the orientation direction for how you placed the originals
Left Direction
Mixed Size Originals Off Select On to scan originals of varying sizes in their original sizes
Density Varying levels Adjust the lightness or darkness of scanned images.
Remove Shadow Off Erase the shadows that appear in the center of a document when copying a book or the shadows that appear around a document when copying thick paper
Remove Punch Holes Off Erase the binding holes on a document
Subject Enter a subject for your email
Attached File Max Size Various sizes Select the maximum file size that can be attached to an email
File Name Enter a prefix, the date, and the time to the file name for your scanned file
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