Additional Components

Depending on how you plan to use the projector, you may need to obtain additional components.

Note: To connect a Mac that does not include a compatible video output port, you need to obtain an adapter that allows you to connect to an input port on the projector. Contact Apple for compatible adapter options. To connect a smartphone or tablet, you may need to obtain an adapter that allows you to connect to the projector. This allows you to mirror your smartphone or tablet screens, watch movies, and more. Contact your device manufacturer for compatible adapter options.

Unless listed as available from Epson in this table, see your local computer or electronics dealer for purchase information.

Signal or connection type Additional component necessary
Composite video

(Home Cinema 1080)

Composite RCA cable
HDMI Compatible HDMI cable

Available for purchase from Epson or an authorized Epson reseller.

Note: Older Mac computers (2009 and earlier) may not support HDMI audio.
USB Compatible USB cable
Audio from certain ports Commercially available audio cable compatible with your device
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