Display Settings - Display Menu

Settings on the Display menu let you customize various projector display features. The available settings depend on the currently selected input source and other settings.

Setting Options Description
Pattern Display Displays the selected pattern type to assist in adjusting the image
Pattern Type Pattern 1

Pattern 2

Pattern 3

Pattern 4

User Pattern

Selects the type of grid pattern, line pattern, or custom pattern to display
No-signal Screen Black



Select the screen color or logo to display when no input signal is detected; not available in Content Playback mode
Startup Screen On


Controls whether a logo is displayed when the projector starts up
Home Screen Auto Disp. On


Controls whether the Home screen is displayed automatically when no input signal is detected when the projector turns on
Sort Source Thumbnails On


Displays the detected input source in the upper left position of the Home screen. The display order of the input sources changes when the projector detects an input signal.
Messages On


Controls whether projector status and error messages are displayed on the projected image
Menu Rotation Right 90 Degree

Left 90 Degree


Rotates the menu display 90°
Menu Color White


Sets the color theme of the Home screen and projector menu system.
Split Screen Setting Display Audio Output Source


Adjusts the Split Screen feature; not available in Content Playback mode

Display Audio Output Source: controls whether an icon is displayed with the source providing audio output during Split Screen projection

Align: if splitting the screen between two images, determines whether the images are aligned at the top or in the middle of the screen

Reset Display Settings Resets all settings on the Display menu to their default values
Note: You must disable User's Logo password protection to adjust the No-signal Screen and Startup Screen settings.
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