Setup Settings - ECO Menu

Settings on the ECO menu let you customize projector functions to save power.

Setting Options Description
Light Source Mode Normal




Selects the brightness mode of the projector when the Maintain Brightness setting is disabled

Normal: maximum brightness

Quiet: 70% brightness with reduced fan noise

Extended: 70% brightness and extends the life expectancy of the light source

Custom: select a custom brightness level and enable use of the next setting

Sleep Mode On


Automatically turns off the projector after an interval of inactivity
Sleep Mode Timer 1 to 30 minutes Sets the interval for Sleep Mode
A/V Mute Timer On


Automatically turns off the projector after 30 minutes if A/V Mute is enabled
Standby Mode Communication On

Communication Off

Enable this setting to allow the following operations to occur when the projector is in standby mode:
  • Monitor and control the projector over a network
  • Output audio and video to an external device (A/V Output must be set to While Projecting to enable Standby Mode; A/V Output can be changed once this is enabled)
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