Administration Settings - Management Menu

Settings on the Management menu let you customize various projector administrative features.

Note: You must disable Schedule password protection to adjust the Schedule Settings settings.
Setting Options Description
User Button Light Source Mode



Closed Caption


Mic Input Level

Pattern Display

Display LAN Info.

Content Playback


Assigns a menu option to the User button on the remote control for one-touch access
User's Logo Start Setting


Creates the screen that the projector displays to identify itself and enhance security
User Pattern Captures a projected screen and saves it as a pattern for display; select Pattern Display in the Display menu to display the saved pattern
Control Panel Lock Full Lock

Except for Power


Controls projector button locking to secure the projector

Full Lock: locks all buttons

Except for Power: locks all buttons except the power button

Off: no buttons locked

Color Uniformity Color Uniformity

Adjustment Level

Start Adjustments


Adjusts the color tone balance

Color Uniformity: set to On to adjust the color tone balance for the whole screen

Adjustment Level: sets the adjustment level

Start Adjustments: adjusts the red, green, and blue color tones individually for the selected area

Reset: resets all Color Uniformity adjustment values to their defaults

Refresh Mode Timer



Select Start to clear an afterimage that remains in the projected image and turn off the projector after the time specified in the Timer screen. Press any button to cancel Refresh Mode. Enable the Messages setting if you want to display a message when Refresh Mode is in progress.
Light Source Calibration Run Now

Run Periodically

Last Run

Selects options to perform light source calibration to maintain the color balance of the projected image

Run Now: Select On to start light source calibration now. Make sure the projector has been turned on for at least 30 minutes for maximum accuracy. You may not be able to start calibration if the projector's environmental temperature is out of range.

Run Periodically: Select On to perform calibration every 100 hours of usage

Last Run: Displays the date and time light source calibration was last performed

Date & Time Date & Time

Daylight Saving Time

Internet Time

Adjusts the projector's date and time settings
  • Date & Time: sets the date and time on the projector
  • Daylight Saving Time: enables daylight saving time
  • Internet Time: updates the time automatically via an online time server
Schedule Settings Schedules projector events to occur automatically at selected dates and times
Wireless LAN Power On


Enables or disables wireless communication
Wireless LAN Diagnosis Ping

IP Address

Ping until stopped


Displays the status of the wireless LAN communication
Log Save Destination Internal Memory

USB and Internal Memory

Selects where you want to save projector error and operation log files; not available in Content Playback mode
Batch Setup Range All


Selects which projector menu settings to copy using the batch setup feature; select All to copy all the settings, or select Limited to copy all settings except for the following:
  • Password Protection settings
  • EDID setting in the Signal I/O menu
  • Network menu settings
Language Various languages available Selects the language for projector menu and message displays
Information Operation Hours

Light Source Hours

Estimated Remains


Input Signal


Refresh Rate

Sync Info

Video Signal


Serial Number

Event ID


Displays information about the projector and current input signal; the displayed items vary depending on the current input source

The Version option displays version numbers for the projector and other components

Display Logs Temp Warning Info

Power On/Off History

Displays log data saved to the location specified in the Log Save Destination setting
Reset Management Settings Resets all settings on the Management menu to their default values except for the following:
  • Schedule Settings
  • Language
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