Projector Reset Options - Reset Menu

You can reset most of the projector settings to their default values and adjust other settings in the Reset menu.

Setting Options Description
Reset All Memories Deletes all memories saved in Memory, Lens Position, and Geometry Correction
Refresh Mode Timer



Removes any afterimages that remain in the projected image and turns off the projector after a specified period of time

Timer: sets a time period to display the refresh image

Messages: set to On to display a message that the projector is in refresh mode

Start: starts refresh mode; press any button on the remote control to cancel

Light Source Calibration Run Now

Run Periodically

Schedule Settings

Last Run

Optimizes the color balance of the currently projected image

Run Now: starts light source calibration for the projected image; it is best to wait at least 30 minutes after the projector is turned on

Run Periodically: set to On to perform light source calibration every 100 hours of usage

Schedule Settings: sets a light source calibration event

Last Run: displays the date and time of the last run light source calibration

NFC Settings NFC Write Protection

NFC Write Password

Prevents scanning to the projector's settings

NFC Write Protection: prevents scanning the projector's settings

NFC Write Password: sets a password for scanning the projector's settings

Reset All Config Resets projector settings to their defaults, except for the following: Memory, Startup Screen, Panel Alignment, Color Uniformity, User's Logo, Date & Time, Color Matching, Language, Network menu items, NFC Settings
Reset All (Factory Default) Reset All (User Default)

Reset All (Factory Default)

User Default Setting

Password Setting

Resets projector settings to their factory defaults

Reset All (User Default): resets settings defined in the User Default Setting menu

Reset All (Factory Default): resets projector settings to their factory defaults, except for Light Source Info, Operation Hours, Password Protection, Password, and Schedule Settings

User Default Setting: defines default values for Color Mode, Light Source Mode, Brightness Level, Constant Brightness, Messages, Standby Confirmation, A/V Mute Timer, Release A/V Mute, Beep, A/V Settings, Standby Mode, Sleep Mode, Language, Wireless Mode, DHCP, and Command Communication

Password Setting: sets a password for resetting settings; the default password is 0000

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