Projector Feature Settings - Settings Menu

Options on the Settings menu let you customize various projector features.

Setting Options Description
Geometry Correction H/V-Keystone

Quick Corner

Curved Surface

Corner Wall

Point Correction


Adjusts the projected image shape

H/V Keystone: lets you manually correct the angles of the horizontal and vertical sides

Quick Corner: select to adjust the position of the four corners

Curved Surface: select to adjust the image when projecting on a curved surface

Corner Wall: select to adjust the image when projecting on a surface with a right angle

Point Correction: select to display a grid and finely adjust the image position

Memory: select to save adjustment value of the geometric correction and load it when needed

Split Screen Divides the viewing area horizontally and displays two images side-by-side; while in Split Screen mode, press Menu to display the Split Screen options or Esc to cancel split screen display
Volume Varying levels available Adjusts the volume of an external speaker connected to the projector
HDMI Link Device Connections


Audio Out Device

Power On Link

Power Off Link

Link Buffer

Adjusts the HDMI Link options that allow the projector remote to control HDMI-connected devices

Device Connections: lists the devices connected to the HDMI port

HDMI Link: enables or disables the HDMI Link function

Audio Out Device: selects which device or port outputs audio. Select Projector to output audio from a device connected to the Audio Out port. Select AV System to output audio from externally connected speakers or an AV system through CEC.

Power On Link: controls what happens when you turn on the projector or a linked device. Select PJ -> Device or Bidirectional to turn on the linked device when the projector is turned on. Select Device -> PJ or Bidirectional to turn on the projector when the linked device is turned on

Power Off Link: controls whether linked devices are turned off when the projector is turned off

Link Buffer: improves weak HDMI Link connections

Lock Setting Control Panel Lock

Lens Lock

Controls projector button locking to secure the projector
Control Panel Lock:
  • Full Lock: locks all buttons
  • Partial Lock: locks all buttons except the power button
  • Off: no buttons locked

Lens Lock: locks the focus, zoom, and lens shift settings

Brightness Settings Light Source Mode

Brightness Level

Constant Brightness

Estimated Remains

Selects the brightness mode of the projector
Light Source Mode: sets the brightness for the light source
  • Normal: maximum brightness
  • Medium: 85% brightness with reduced fan noise
  • Quiet: 70% brightness with reduced fan noise
  • Extended: 70% brightness and extends the life expectancy of the light source
  • Custom: select a custom brightness level and enable use of next three settings

Brightness Level: select the Custom brightness level you want

Constant Brightness: maintains a constant brightness (if this setting is enabled, you cannot change the Light Source Mode and Brightness Level settings)

Estimated Remains: displays how long the projector can maintain constant brightness (if that setting is selected)

Remote Receiver Front/Rear




Limits reception of remote control signals by the selected receiver; Off turns off all receivers
User Button User Button 1

User Button 2

User Button 3

Assigns a menu option to the User1, User2, and User3 buttons on the remote control for one-touch access
Test Pattern Displays a test pattern to assist in adjusting the image; press the left or right arrow buttons on the remote control or Enter on the control panel to cycle through the available test patterns, or Esc to cancel pattern display
Memory Memory

Lens Position

Geometry Correction

Save customized sets of settings to memory

Memory: loads, saves, erases, renames, or resets specific menu settings

Lens Position: saves the position of the adjusted lens

Geometry Correction: saves the geometry correction adjustments

Content Playback Content Playback

Overlay Effect

USB Viewer

Plays back a playlist created in the Epson Projector Content Manager software

Content Playback: turns Content Playback on or off

Overlay Effect: adds color and effects to the projected image when Content Playback is set to On (not available when Edge Blending is set to On)

USB Viewer: selects a specific playlist from a USB device connected to the projector when Content Playback is set to On

Reset Resets all the Settings menu settings to their defaults
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