Displaying From a PC Laptop

If you see the "No Signal" message when you display from a PC laptop, you need to set up the laptop to display on an external monitor.
  1. Hold down the laptop's Fn key and press the key labeled with a monitor icon or CRT/LCD. (See your laptop manual for details.) Wait a few seconds for an image to appear. To display on both the laptop's monitor and the projector, try pressing the same keys again.
    Note: On Windows 7 or later, hold down the Windows key and press P at the same time, then click Duplicate.
  2. If the same image is not displayed by the laptop and projector, check the Windows Display utility to make sure the external monitor port is enabled and extended desktop mode is disabled. (See your computer or Windows manual for instructions.)
  3. If necessary, check your video card settings and set the multiple display option to Clone, Mirror, or Duplicate.
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