Running a Printer Check

Running a printer check helps you determine if the printer is operating properly.
  1. Make sure that the CD/DVD tray is not inserted in the product and the CD/DVD feed tray is closed.
  2. Load a few sheets of plain paper in the product.
  3. Turn off the product.
  4. Disconnect any connected interface cables.
  5. Hold down the  paper/cancel button as you press the  power button to turn the product back on. Hold down both buttons until the  power light begins to flash, then release the buttons.

    The printer begins printing a nozzle check pattern.
  6. Do the following, depending on the results of the printer check:
    • If the page prints and the nozzle check pattern is complete, the printer is operating properly. Any printing problem you may have could be caused by your computer, cable, software, or selected print settings. Check the other solutions in this section or try uninstalling and reinstalling your printer software.
    • If the page prints but the nozzle check pattern has gaps, clean or align the print head.
    • If the page does not print, the printer may have a problem. Check the other solutions in this manual. If they do not work, contact Epson.
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