Print From a Camera or Other External Device : Print From a USB Flash Drive

Print From a USB Flash Drive
You can print from a USB flash drive or other storage device connected to the Artisan 710 Series, such as an external hard drive or an external CD or DVD burner. Make sure the files on it are compatible with your printer.
Compatible image files
You can print other file types directly from your computer.
Epson cannot guarantee the compatibility of your storage device. You may not be able to print photos from the storage device if they were saved to the device using a product other than the Artisan 710 Series.
Remove any inserted memory card from the Artisan 710 Series.
Once the USB drive is inserted, you can view and print your photos.
When you’re done printing your photos, make sure the access light on the drive is not flashing, then remove or disconnect it from the  USB port.
Do not remove the USB drive or turn off the Artisan 710 Series when the access light on the drive is flashing, or you may lose photos on the drive.
You cannot use the  USB port to transfer images from your USB drive to your computer. If you want to transfer images, use the memory card slots instead.