Print From a Memory Card : Insert a Memory Card

Insert a Memory Card
Make sure your memory card and the files on it are compatible with the Artisan 810 Series.
Compatible memory cards
MagicGateTM Memory Stick
CompactFlash® Type I and II
* Requires adapter. Consult your adapter documentation for any special instructions on using it.
Compatible image files
You can print other file types directly from your computer.
Before inserting the memory card, be sure to disconnect any other device you may have connected to the  USB port on the front of the Artisan 810 Series.
When you have more than 999 photos on your memory card, you see a message asking you to select a group to display. Images are sorted by the date they were taken. Select the group that contains the image(s) you want to print. To select a different group or folder, press Home and choose Setup, then Select Location, then Group Select.
Do not remove a card or turn off the Artisan 810 Series when the memory card access light is flashing, or you may lose photos on the card. See Remove the Memory Card.
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