Scan to Your Computer : Scan From the Control Panel

Scan to a Memory Card or USB Drive
You can scan a photo or document and save it on a memory card or USB storage device in JPEG or PDF format.
Insert a memory card in one of the memory card slots or connect a USB storage device to the  USB port on the front of the Artisan 810 Series.
Place your photo or document on the scanner glass or place your document in the Automatic Document Feeder.
Press the Home button and select Scan.
Select Scan to Memory Card.
Select Format and choose JPEG (for photos) or PDF (for documents).
Select Scan Area and choose Max Area (for most photos) or Auto Cropping (for photos with dark edges).
Select Document and choose Text (for documents) or Photograph (for photos).
Select Quality and choose Standard (for documents) or Best (for photos).
Press OK to scan and save your photo or document on the memory card. Your file will be saved in a numbered folder in the EPSCAN folder.
Do not remove a memory card or USB storage device or turn off the Artisan 810 Series when the memory card access light is flashing (or when it is accessing a USB storage device) or you may lose photos.