Solutions When the Interactive Pens Do Not Work

If the pens do not work, try the following solutions:
  • Make sure nothing is blocking the signal between the pen and the interactive module on the projector.
  • Try holding the pen at a different angle so that your hand is not blocking the signal.
  • Make sure the pen batteries have enough power. If the light on the pen doesn't turn green when you press the button, you need to replace the batteries.
  • Make sure Easy Interactive Driver is installed and running on your computer. You should see the icon in your taskbar (Windows) or in the Dock (Mac OS X).
    If you don't see the icon, do one of the following to start Easy Interactive Driver:
    • Windows: Select or Start > All Programs or Programs > EPSON Projector > Easy Interactive Driver.
    • Mac OS X: Open the Applications folder, then select the Easy Interactive Driver icon.

    If the icon has a red X above it (), make sure the USB cable is securely connected to your computer and the interactive module. If necessary, try disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable to your computer.

  • Dim the room lights and turn off any fluorescent lights. Make sure the projection surface and interactive module are not in direct sunlight or other sources of bright lighting.
  • Make sure the receiver window on the interactive module is clean and free from dust.
  • Make sure there is no interference from infrared devices such as infrared remote controls, infrared microphones, and infrared mice.
  • Make sure the location is free from electromagnetic interference from nearby equipment (such as electric motors or transformers).
  • Make sure you have calibrated the system. Try recalibrating.
Note: You cannot use both pens at the same time.
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