Projector Setup Settings - Extended Menu

Settings on the Extended menu let you customize various projector setup features that control its operation.

Setting Options Description
Display Messages

Display Background

Startup Screen

A/V Mute

Selects various display options

Messages: controls whether messages are displayed on the screen

Display Background: selects the screen color or logo to display when no signal is received

Startup Screen: controls whether a special screen appears when the projector starts up

A/V Mute: selects the screen color or logo to display when A/V Mute is turned on

Closed Caption Off



Controls use of closed captions and selects the closed caption channel
User's Logo – Creates a screen that the projector displays to identify itself and enhance security
Projection Front

Front/Upside Down


Rear Upside Down

Selects the way the projector faces the screen so the image is oriented correctly (rear settings cannot be used with the interactive pens)
Operation Direct Power On

Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode Timer

High Altitude Mode

Audio Input

Selects various operation options

Direct Power On: lets you turn on the projector without pressing the power button

Sleep Mode: automatically turns off the projector after an interval of inactivity

Sleep Mode Timer: sets the interval for Sleep Mode

High Altitude Mode: regulates the projector’s operating temperature at altitudes above 4921 feet (1500 m)

Audio Input: specifies the audio input source if not detected automatically using the Auto option

Standby Setup Standby Mode

Standby Microphone

Standby Audio

Selects the following when the projector is in standby mode (turned off):

Standby Mode: Communication On lets you monitor the projector over a network and display output signals on an external monitor

Standby Microphone: the On setting lets you output audio from a connected microphone

Standby Audio: the On setting lets you output audio from a connected source

USB Type B Easy Interactive Function

USB Display/Easy Interactive Function

Wireless Mouse/USB Display

Selects what happens when you connect your computer to the projector's USB-B port

Easy Interactive Function lets you use the interactive pens with your computer

USB Display/Easy Interactive Function lets you display your computer's image through the USB port and use the interactive pens with your computer (not recommended)

Wireless Mouse/USB Display lets you use the wireless mouse feature and display your computer's image through the USB port (interactivity not available)

Easy Interactive Function Auto Calibration

Manual Calibration

Use Source

Number of Pen Users

Pen Operation Mode

Enable Right Click


Selects various options related to interactive pen operation

The two Calibration options start auto or manual calibration

Use Source lets you select the image source for interactivity (using Easy Interactive Tools)

Number of Pen Users lets you specify One User (for compatibility with Windows Tablet PC and Ink features) or Two Users

Pen Operation Mode lets you select Mouse or Pen mode when one pen user is selected

Enable Right Click lets you use a long pen press as a right click when mouse mode is selected

Advanced lets you assign Right Click or Left Click to the Pen Tip Button and select either Auto Adjust Pen Area or Manual Adj. Pen Area

Language Various languages available Selects the language for projector menu and message displays (not changed by Reset option)