Cleaning the Product

To keep your product operating at its best, clean it periodically using the following procedure.
Do not press the glass surface of the scanner glass with any force.
Be careful not to scratch or damage the glass surface of the scanner glass, and do not use a hard or abrasive brush to clean it. A damaged glass surface can decrease the scan quality.
Never use alcohol, thinner, or corrosive solvent to clean the product. These chemicals can damage the product components and the case.
Be careful not to spill liquid into the product mechanism or electronic components. This could permanently damage the mechanism and circuitry.
Do not spray lubricants on the product.
Never open the product case.
Turn off the product.
Unplug the power cord from the product.
Clean the outer case with a cloth dampened with mild detergent and water.
If the glass surface gets dirty, clean it with a soft dry cloth. If the glass surface is stained with grease or some other hard-to-remove material, use a small amount of glass cleaner and a soft cloth to remove it. Wipe off all remaining liquid.
Make sure that dust does not build up on the glass surface. Dust can cause spots and straight lines in your scanned images.
Do not spray glass cleaner directly on the glass surface.
Clean the document cover if it gets dirty.