Scan to Your Computer : Scan in Home Mode (Semi-Automatic)

Select Scanned Image Area
In thumbnail preview, your scanned image area is selected automatically.
In normal preview, you create the scanned image area by clicking a button.
You can adjust the scanned image area by creating and/or moving the dotted line (marquee) outlining the scan area:
Thumbnail preview: Create a marquee by placing your cursor in one corner of the desired scan area, clicking, and dragging the cursor to the opposite corner.
Normal preview: Click the  auto locate icon to create a marquee.
To retain the marquee width/height proportions, hold the Shift key as you resize the marquee.
Normal preview: You can create up to 50 marquees at a time. Click the  copy marquee icon to copy existing marquees, or click the  delete marquee icon to delete the selected marquee.