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How To / Paper Handling

Loading Paper in the Manual Feed Slot

Follow the instructions below to print on thick paper in the manual feed slot with a thickness between 0.4 mm and 1.3 mm.

  • Follow the instructions below to load thick paper. If you load it in a wrong way, you may damage the printer.
  • Since the roll paper holder covers the manual feed slot, remove the roll paper holder before loading paper.

Turn on the printer.

  • Always turn on the printer before loading the paper; otherwise, the paper cannot feed into the printer correctly.
  • Remove the automatic roll paper cutter if it is attached to the printer.

Set the adjust lever to the  position. The  paper light starts flashing.

Insert the paper with the printable side up. Place the paper against the left side of the manual feed slot and insert it horizontally. Load one sheet at a time.

Open the printer cover and adjust the end of the paper so that it is 1 cm from the roller.

A:  roller
B:  The end of the paper should be set 1 cm from the roller.

  • Do not load damaged paper.
  • Use white paper only.

Move the adjust lever to the  position.

Do not move the adjust lever during printing as this may damage the printer.

Close the printer cover, then press the  paper button. The paper will automatically feed into the printer.

The  paper light starts flashing if the adjust lever is set inappropriately. Set the adjust lever to the correct position and press the  paper button.

Make sure Manual Feed Slot is selected as the Paper Source setting in the printer driver.

  • When printing on paper in the manual feed slot, do not select the combination of Plain Paper as the Media Type setting and Speed as the Mode setting. This combination will cause print quality to decline.
  • Return the adjust lever to the  position after printing on the paper in the manual feed slot. Printing on paper with the adjust lever in the position may blur the print quality.



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